Spiritual Creation

The divine Science of spiritual creation is so beautifully shown in the appearance of Christ Jesus on the human scene. This week's Bible Lesson Sermon tells the Christmas story, beginning with Zacharias and Elisabeth, supposedly barren, and how the Angel, God's messenger, imparted to them a higher understanding of spiritual creation. Mary also communed with God in this exquisite way, humbly recognizing Him as the Creator of all and receiving the message that her child Jesus was to be the Saviour. Christian Science explains how we are also under this divine wisdom and authority – the only real power or force of the universe.

The subject of our Bible lesson this week is:  Is the Universe, including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?  In it, you can read the Christmas story; learn more about what the term "evolution" implies; get a good idea of what type of intelligence or wisdom governs you; and begin to understand what was behind the wonderful actions and healings of Jesus, working under God's power.

Come to our church service this Sunday, Dec. 22, and take your Christmas celebration to a whole new level of understanding!