God's Creation

Honey Bee on White Daisy

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, called flowers "hieroglyphs of Deity". I just love flowers and think of them as symbols of what God is like. In varied complexity, simplicity and beauty, they astound me.

I've learned in Christian Science that God is not in matter. Nature can be a useful symbol of God and His creation, or divine reality, only if it is all good and not destructive or self-contradictory. 

In this week's Bible Lesson, called God the Only Cause and Creator, we learn about this all-encompassing goodness in the Biblical metaphors of the fountain that can't produce both sweet and bitter waters at the same time; and in the fig tree that doesn't grow olive berries. Like produces like. This gives me a pretty good snapshot of God's creation - 100% good all the time. I invite you to come to our service and hear the lesson this Sunday, December 8th. It will show you how to make these ideas practical in your everyday life.