Awake. Alert. Responsive.

A group of us had the wonderful privilege of attending the Midwest Church Alive Summit, in Schaumburg, on Friday evening and Saturday, April 11 and 12. Bosede Bakarey, President of the Mother Church, gave the keynote address: "Father, teach us the life of Love".

Here are a few of the inspiring points she made in her talk: 

To really understand God is to love.  Church is a waking-up center.  Trials aren't sent from God, they send us to God.  IINFIRMITY may be defined as an inability to take a firm stand for your spiritual perfection.  Try forgiveness – it heals everything!  Forgiveness is for giving everyone the virtues they truly have and for forgetting any wrong done to you.  Practice reversing every unloving thought.  We are not in church to criticize but to love.  MEEKNESS may be defined as enduring injury with patience and without resentment. 

The talk was followed by sharing thoughts and comments with others. Then, many panel discussions dug deeper into the ideas of "church without walls", sharing what we love and what church means to the 20 to 30s age group.

Workshops that followed lunch helped us expand our ideas of church in the 21st century and how to bring new vitality to our Church Manual-based activities. Today was an uplifting and beautiful experience that we hope to share with others soon!