Becoming New

Chicago's Aqua building by Jeanne Gang. Photo by Erik Unger.

Chicago's Aqua building by Jeanne Gang. Photo by Erik Unger.

Ever wonder why a building is called a "building" instead of a "built"? To me a verb shows the ongoing newness, liveliness and progression of the ideas that Spirit is building.

These immortal spiritual creations, which are the basis of all real things, are spoken of in the Bible in many different figurative ways:

  • living waters flowing from a fountain - abundance
  • strong houses built on rock - permanence
  • beautiful ornaments of decoration - beauty
  • flowing robes of clothing - goodness

I have to ask myself often:  "am I building earthward on a material level or working with heavenly plans"? As if we were all carpenters, Christian Science is showing us how to follow the heavenly plans, not the popular material blueprints. We can become familiar with and study the spiritual sense of being, instead of looking at the mortal model. Our buildings are the result of the thoughts we hold. Mary Baker Eddy likens this to a sculptor, holding in thought either a perfect spiritual model or an imperfect and suffering mortal concept of life. (Pages 248-249 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.)

At any time you can clean up your construction site and start fresh. Begin to build your foundation the way Spirit, your Foreman, is showing you – from a new standpoint of spiritual life, health and goodness. Let these good, God-given thoughts fill your mind instead of complaints, sickness, suffering and death.

Our weekly Bible Lesson Sermon will give you some great insights for building freshly from a spiritual basis. Our Sunday service starts at 10 am and everyone is welcome!