The Movie "Two Days, One Night" as a Modern Parable

Unselfed actions can lead to truly satisfying conclusions. In our modern society, where competition can be fierce, it's easy to forget this Biblical precept and more common to look out for one's own interests. The Belgian movie "Two Days, One Night", which I saw last week, was a modern parable on loving your neighbor as yourself.

It's not an easy ride as we go along with Sandra (portrayed by French actress Marion Cotillard) from house to house asking her co-workers to vote for her to stay on the job, rather than receive their yearly bonus. She has been away on sick leave and her supervisor has discovered that they can get along very well without her if the others will just work a little overtime. The boss agrees to put it to a vote of the employees.

"Let no man seek his own, but each his neighbour's good." (I Corinthians 10:24 American Standard Version) The movie gets down to probing how hard it is to give up your own needs and benefits to help another. But being unafraid to practice this kindness points to a growing understanding of our spiritual substance – the most satisfying wealth we can possess. Each person in the movie struggles with this question and the outcome is surprising.

The Bible Lesson on "Substance", from the Christian Science Quarterly, helps us place our prosperity and security in God, rather than in material things or people. When we let our actions reflect God, divine Love, we are ready to recognize the blessings pouring out impartially from this infinite source.