Daily Lift

All you joggers out there, or anyone actively engaged in some pursuit, will really enjoy today's Daily Lift.  You can access a new one 5 days a week from Christian Science lecturers! Just click below.

Serving Others

This Saturday, Nov. 2, we will host a service at the DuPage County Convalescent Center. We go early, at 9:30 a.m., to pick up anyone there who wants to come to the service held in the recreation room. Helping hands are always appreciated. The service starts at 10:30 a.m. This work is always rewarding and appreciated by the residents. Come volunteer with us!

Everlasting Love

To a little child, getting a time out for doing something that would endanger him, when he was not supposed to be doing it, may seem to him like an everlasting punishment. But from the loving parent's perspective, the discipline protects the child and helps him learn what will keep him safe and sound.

And, so it is in the subject of our Bible lesson sermon for this week – Everlasting Punishment – it's more about the tender mercies that our Father-Mother God continually shows us as our loving parent. 

Come and hear this Bible Lesson Sermon at First Church of Christ, Scientist, this Sunday, Nov. 3rd. 

A Gentle Presence is Borne

 White Bird Landing

The new website for First Church of Christ, Scientist in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, has been borne! It's called "Gentle Presence".

I like to add an "e" to the word "born" to signify that this, as every useful idea, has always existed and is now carried out, on the wings of Love, for all to see and use.  May it be a blessing to you and everyone!